Startup Kite


Let’s do this already.

Stop with the excuses. It's time to launch. 

We are business leaders. We are the stupid mistake makers, dumb question askers, frivolous money spenders, we are the humans that screwed up big time when we started and are here to help you skip over all our face-palming mistakes. We sucked bad. You don't need to. 


& go.

We know. Starting is hard.

But dammit, you can do this!

Together we have developed a rapid launch program to help you get off the ground. No over-thinking. No over-researching. No talking yourself out of it. Over the course of 6 hours you will be taken through all the required elements of starting so you don't have to worry if you did it right.

We're beside you every step of the way making sure you're setting everything up properly. A typical first time entrepreneur will spend more than 60 days and over $10k in getting this part right, let us set you up for success in 6 hours so you can start doing what you do best and get started making an income.

our system 

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We are the people behind Startup Kite. Yes we are entrepreneurs but we are also artists, moms, coaches, designers, writers, developers, engineers, consultants, brand strategists, finance execs, environmentalists, CEOs, and restauranteurs. This whole team of screw-ups are here to high-five you because unlike us, you made it through the hardest part of starting a business. You started. Now go make money! 


Jenny Poon

Design and Systems Guide

Jenny is masterful in design creative, task management and setting systems to make your business run consistently on track and scale efficiently. She works with businesses regularly to get their marketing and design rock solid. She was named Phoenix Business Person of the Year 2016, Most Influential Woman 2018, and has started 5 other businesses including the largest coworking community in AZ. 


Robin Bramman

Business and Marketing Guide

Robin is skilled in the art of the start. As a certified brand strategist, she has worked with global organizations as well as startups to launch. She will guide you with pre-work, business set-up tools and brand direction. Her expertise lies in helping you lift off with clarity and confidence and then give you detailed instruction on how to rule your brand and get your marketing launched.


Odeen Domingo

Website and Content Guide

Odeen has a keen eye for detail and a quick wit for copy. After more than a decade as an award-winning journalist, Odeen has led the messaging behind some of the strongest local and national brands as a self-employed writer, editor and content strategist. Odeen uses his background as a trained journalist and content writer to help entrepreneurs discover resources and opportunities.


Save Your Spot!


Where is this happening?

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The first and largest of its kind, CO+HOOTS encourages the collaboration of a talented, highly inspirational community. It was recently named the No. 1 most innovative coworking space in the U.S., the No. 1 overall coworking space in Arizona, the No. 2 overall in the nation and No. 9 in the world.